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I have a new important date in my life I would like to remember. On May 14th, 2021 – I am now fully vaccinated against COVID-19. There is a new sense of peace in my life now that hasn’t been there in a while. Peace that comes from relief.

For the past 14 + months, I have feared getting sick and dying due to Covid-19. And I feared passing along Covid-19 to others. Many of you have heard me speak against fear, and against living in fear. You may have heard me quote Isaiah 41:10 – “Do not fear, for I am with you…” It has been, and in many cases, still one of my favorite verses from the Bible.

So what changed or was different around Covid-19 that caused me to embrace my fears.

Although 2020 was the year of Covid, it was also the year that I saw new truth around people that I love and cherish. During this time I saw the best and the worst in people. I thought we would be able to see eye to eye and care for each other even when we could not be in the same room. I prayed for unity so that we could combat loneliness and potential boardom. I longed to understand others with different opinions than mine.

I watched Angela go to he job at the hospital everyday – and the fear of losing her created fear in me most of all.

So now relief can start to set in and a new season begins. Now that I am vaccinated, some of that fear can be set aside and we can start on something new. Tonight Angela and I will go out for our date night to a restaurant that we love (Good Table) and start to enjoy the next season of our lives.

I still fear losing people I love – to Covid or to whatever else might take them away. I mourn all that has been lost over these past months. And so now I cling to what is ahead – knowing that fear does not own my every thought – but that it motivates me to help and love others.