Here it is folks, the guidelines for making masks for Maine Medical Center.

When making masks, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Please use tightly woven cotton fabrics/quilters cottons. Please no flannel, no metallic prints, no glitter in, or on fabrics. Please wash all fabrics in hot water before sewing to prevent shrinkage.

2. Masks should have fabric ties rather than elastic straps (this will help us avoid latex). 3. Please avoid using metal across the nasal bridge.
The pattern included below is just one example, there are many patterns available online that can be made of 100% cotton to meet the above criteria. A variety of colors, prints, and sizes are welcome! Please utilize the MMC donation link (I will provide that again in the comments) to notify MMC that you have masks to donate and they will directly communicate with you on where to drop them off.


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