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So a year into my FCS diagnosis. More healthy, 45 pounds lighter and a lot more chicken in my life. I like list. So here is my FCS year one list:

  • Triglycerides are now under 200 consistantly – down from my 3775 high. Normal level should be under 150.
  • 45 Pounds lighter – I lost 30 of that in three months
  • Much less pain – and I didn’t even know it was pain – scary thougth right? Back pain and gut pain I thought was gas or just regular pain that everyone has from eating to many donuts… nope. FCS caused it…
  • My liver shrunk…. it was 2.5 times the size it should have been. Not sure what size we are at now, but by the looks of it, much smaller now. And that is a very good thing.
  • Sunday is chicken day. My wife in her genius helps develop a weekly menu. But eating alot of chicken (turkey and pork as well) takes alot of time to cook. So Sundays we cook all the protien and most of the meal prep so that our week it much easier to manage.
  • I haven’t been inside a McDonalds for 365 days… or at least inside to eat at one.
  • I enjoy fruit more… grapes are awesome
  • Did you know peanut butter has so so much fat. I miss it…

Now we look onto the next year – hopefully a lot more Chicken right?