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A new study, led by professor of medicine Daniel Gaudet, MD, PhD, at the University of Montreal has found that 67% of patients with FCS have experienced acute pancreatitis (AP) that required a hospital visit. Clinicians also reported that 6% of their patients died as a result of their pancreatitis. The results indicate that FCS presents a significant risk of severe and life threatening attacks of pancreatitis and early death, even among patients who are in treatment to manage the condition.

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After being diagnosed, one of the first questions was “how did I go so long without any major issues?”
The statistic are startling – so I am very grateful that I have had not experienced pancreatitis.  And thankful for the Doctors who have done all they can to keep that from happening.
But what did we miss in the past 40+ years?  The short answer is nothing.  This syndrome is so hard to diagnose.  If you look at all my symptoms, they could point to 100 different issues – bad diet, overweight, too much sugar.  But once we removed all of these were Doctors able to pin point a very specific set of indicators.
So many more questions yet, but the good thing is now we know. And diet is started, medication is prescribe, and we have a real plan.